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GI Cancer

Tips To Prevent GI Cancer

Here are some useful tips that will help in preventing G I Cancer: 1) healthy life style. 2) daily exercise to reduce fat overload and increase of muscle mass. 3) Adequate fiber in diet. 4) Lot of fruits consumption to get antioxidants in diet, known to prevent cancer. 5) Reduce gaps between meals to prevent Read more about Tips To Prevent GI Cancer[…]

A rare surgery done for a young girl from North Maharashtra

24 years old lady from North Maharashtra met us in our Dhule OPD for low haemoglobin, low WBC and platelet counts requiring blood transfusion with large spleen about 20 x 20 cm, she had a rare disease of portal vein thrombosis with portal hypertension. She was advised surgery and got admitted under Dr. Sachin Wani Read more about A rare surgery done for a young girl from North Maharashtra[…]

Abdominal Cancer

Abdominal cancers are a dangerous entity as they are directly connected to what we eat and what is digested.they often manifest in late stages unless they are obstructing the pathway.but early they may present as weakness, nausea at sight of food. loss of appetite and weight loss. They may also manifest as bleeding from anal Read more about Abdominal Cancer[…]

Liver Disease And Jaundice

लिवर चे आजार: यकृत हे शरिरातील एक खूप महत्वाचं भाग आहे.. आपल्या जेवणाचे पचन करून शरीरास ताकत पुरवणे हे त्याचं काम.यकृताचे आजाराचे लक्षण म्हणजे jaundice किंवा कावीळ होते.कावीळ झालेल्या रोग्यास डोळे पिवळे होणे, भूक न लागणे, उलटी होणे, अंगावर खाज येते.कावीळ ची कारणे, viral hepatitis A , E , हे पाण्यातून होते..B and C hepatitis Read more about Liver Disease And Jaundice[…]

Acidity and reflux

Acidity and reflux is the most commonest problem faced these days. Dr. Sachin Wani, a well-known gastroenterologist in Thane says it accounts for approximately 70% of any gastroenterologist opd. It is related to faulty and untimely eating habits, eating spicy oily food, drinking less water, heavy milk consumption, less sleep and too much stress. Patients Read more about Acidity and reflux[…]

Piles (Hemorrhoids) treatment in Mumbai

Piles is commonly known as hemorrhoids. They are the vascular structures in the anal canal. They are swollen and inflamed veins around the anus. There are two types of hemorrhoids. Type I: Internal haemorrhoids are present with rectal bleeding while defecating and is painless. Type II: External haemorrhoids results in pain and swelling in the Read more about Piles (Hemorrhoids) treatment in Mumbai[…]

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