A popular ancient quote states “Every disease starts from the stomach”.

The past few decades have seen manifold rise in the cases of stomach cancer. The unhealthy lifestyle of the current age is focusing less on health and more on convenient living. Consuming unhealthy food and smoking are few of the common lifestyle habits that are affecting the overall health. Unfortunately, the signs and symptoms of Stomach Cancer are still easily ignored.

Common Symptom of Stomach Cancer

  • Weakness and exhaustion with stomach pain
  • Vomiting
  • Sudden weight loss
  • Inability to digest food
  • Feeling bloated and too full after eating
  • Inexplicable sickness

Common Risk Factors of Stomach Cancer

  • The reason of mutation of cells which causes cancer can never be simply explained. Though the risk factors that are involved are:

    • Family history of cancer
    • Prolonged Acid Reflux issues
    • Disrupted sleep and eating habits
    • Smoking
    • Infections
    • Low fiber diet

Diagnosis of Stomach Cancer

    • A stomach cancer could be diagnosed first by taking reference from the symptoms and then followed by endoscopy and imaging tests.


    • In the endoscopy, a small tube with a camera is inserted in the stomach and then the stomach condition is viewed by the doctor in the monitor. Imaging tests involve X-Rays, MRIs or CT scans as suggested by the doctor.

Treatment of Stomach Cancer

Treatment of the stomach cancer depends upon the development and stage of the reach of the muted cells. In tumor formation, a surgery is performed to remove the cancer tumor. A Stomach Tumorcan spread from the stomach to the nearby organs, such as the liver, pancreas, esophagus or intestine.

  • A Gastrectomy surgery is performed in conditions where the full or part of the stomach needs to be removed. In such cases artificial means to perform the stomach functions are to be adopted by the patient.
  • Apart from this several radiation methodologies are used to control or destroy the cancerous cells. These are Radiotherapy, Chemotherapy, Targeted therapy or immunotherapy. Though these therapies have side effects but at certain stages these are the only options to be used for survival.

Recovery from Stomach Cancer is not always possible and therapies are used only to prolong the life duration of the patient and not to actually cure the condition especially in chronic conditions often referred to as the “Last Stage” or “Advanced Cancer”. Such conditions are to be talked about to the patient honestly and sincerely.

In conclusion, maintaining an overall healthy lifestyle that involves good eating habits, more physical activity and maintaining distance from certain addictions like smoking can prevent stomach cancer conditions. A yearly full body tests are always helpful in early diagnosis of diseases especially when a family history of stomach cancer exists.

Timely diagnosis and advanced treatment is extremely important to cure or control stomach cancer. If you are suffering from stomach diseases since longer time then Consult Dr Sachin Wani for diagnosis and advanced treatments.