Laparoscopic Hernia Surgeon in thane and Mumbai

What is Hernia?

hernia occurs when an organ or internal tissue breaks through a hole in the muscles. Hernia repair surgery or herniorrhaphy involves returning the displaced tissues to their proper position.

Laparoscopic surgery is performed on this type of hernia in which small incisions are made and the hernia is treated with the help of laparoscopic procedure. Recovery is very fast as most patient start to walk on the day of the surgery itself. They can get discharged on the second or third day of the surgery and a complete recovery will be within two or three weeks.

Symptoms of Hernia

  • Pain or discomfort in abdomen
  • pain or discomfort intensifying or worsening over time
  • large protruding painful veins or muscles 
  • hernias in places where they might worsening or enlarging, such as the groin
  • sharp abdominal pain and vomiting
  • hernias that put pressure on nerves to cause irritation and numbness

about Dr. Sachin Wani

dr. sachin wani (m.b.b.s., m.s., dnb (surgical gastroenterology))

Dr. Sachin Wani specializes in Gastroenterology and he is well known for Laparoscopic Hernia Surgeon. He has operated all types of Hernia operations such as Hernia repair, Mesh Hernia Surgery and so on. 
He has lot of national and international papers and publications to his credit including an international publication in Journal of Laparoendoscopy and advanced surgical techniques on one of the largest number of Laparosopic pancreatic necrosectomy in the world.
He also has authored a text chapter on Obstructed Defaecation syndrome in Clinical G.I.Surgery text book edited by Dr Sanjiv Haribhakti,Ahmedabad which serves as a learning tool for General and GI Surgeons across India and world. He is currently practicing in Mumbai, Thane, Vashi, Bhiwandi, Chembur, Bhandup, Mulund, Kalwa and Mumbra.

why choose dr. wani's gastrocare

Dr. Wani’s Gastrocare has the best personalized care program to treat every patient. It provides an excellent healthcare management services for faster recovery. Dr. Sachin Wani is well experienced and skillful GI Laparoscopic Surgeon. He is an expert in the treatment of complicated gastrointestinal diseases. Laparoscopic surgery is the most advanced surgical process which requires only small incision. Laparoscopic surgery has many benefits such as less pain, less blood loss, faster recovery and less hospitalization time. Dr. Wani’s Gastrocare has the mediclaim facility. All the major mediclaim service providers are associated with Dr. Wani’s Gastrocare. Dr. Wani’s Gastrocare also has EMI facility. Patients can choose EMI option with zero or flexible down payment. Dr. Wani’s Gastrocare is the NABH (National Accreditation Board of Hospitals & Healthcare Providers) accredited hospital. It is well equipped with world class medical facilities to treat any kind of emergency situations. 


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