Stapler piles surgery is the surgery that involves removal of enlarged hemorrhoidal tissue.

The main symptoms are discomfort in bowel movement and discomfort when sitting, itching and even bleeding. Patient suffering from piles experience a pain while sitting, continuous pain in rectum and itching and swelling in anal area. Symptoms also includes constipation and blood in the stools due to lot of straining.

A Physical examination is done by the doctor and if required a blood test is done to check if the patient suffering from piles had anaemia too.

Treatment and Recovery:
Most piles don’t need surgery. Surgical treatments for piles are an option if you have severe piles, other treatments haven’t worked, or your piles keep bleeding. There are different types of surgery. Haemorrhoidectomy is a type of surgery in which any piles causing problems are carefully removed. The second type of surgery is stapled piles surgery. In this type of surgery,  the area of tissue with piles is stitched higher up your anal canal. This means your piles won’t come out your anus anymore and will shrink. Stapled piles surgery mostly recommended by surgeons  because people usually have less pain and faster healing than with haemorrhoidectomy.