Abdominal cancers are a dangerous entity as they are directly connected to what we eat and what is digested.they often manifest in late stages unless they are obstructing the pathway.but early they may present as weakness, nausea at sight of food. loss of appetite and weight loss.

They may also manifest as bleeding from anal canal or vomiting of blood or as jaundice. The first thing to do is to report to a gastroenterologist. He will do few blood tests like CBC, liver function and renal function tests and ultrasonography of abdomen …if required further tats like ogd or colonoscopy, CT scan or MRI of the abdomen.

Prevention is better than cure..it is said..better to have good dietary measures to prevent GI cancers which include stomach, colon, rectum cancers..bile duct liver and pancreas cancers. Well balanced diet, less spice and oil, high protein in diet.? Good measure of fibre in diet and lots of water. Tobacco alcohol to be avoided strictly. Cancers once detected are difficult to cure, some canned be cured, most can be controlled only, not cured.so better is to avoid them. At same time, once detected they should be quickly attended and duly treated. Cancer treatment includes surgical excision followed by chemotherapy and radiation. Good food and timely measures will aid prevention of disasters in cancer care.

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