Fig. Appendicitis in Abdominal Region.

Symptoms & Diagnosis

Appendicitis is the swelling of the appendix which is present in the right side of the abdominal region. It is generally a 5-10 cm tube connected to the large intestine. If it is not treated at the right time it can burst out, spilling infection in the abdominal cavity that can be more fatal.

Appendicitis can occur anytime between the age of 10 to 30. Both men and women can suffer from this condition. The infectious material or the puss which is formed inside the appendix can be more dangerous to life as it spreads in the entire abdominal cavity. Patient suffering from appendicitis ignore this because it seems like a common stomach pain. There are many causes that can cause appendicitis out of which one common cause is the blockage or obstruction in appendix. Obstruction can cause due to the bacteria multiply inside the organ causing the increase in the infection inside the appendix forming a puss.


Patient suffering from appendicitis commonly have a pain in the right side of the abdomen.

A raise temperature, means, they may feel that they are having fever. Nausea and vomiting, other symptoms includes abdominal swelling, inability to pass wind, painful urination.

Dr Wani’s Gastrocare notes that these treatments can cause appendix to burst if the patient is suffering from appendicitis. If you have tenderness in the right side of the consult a doctor.


Abdominal examination is done to detect the inflammation. A urine test is done. Rectal examination, CT scan and blood test is done to diagnose the appendicitis condition properly.

Treatment and Recovery:

Laparoscopic surgery is performed where a small incision is done in the lower right side.
The recovery time is very short and the patient can get discharged within 3 to 4 days of the surger


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