Fig. Inguinal Hernia in Abdomen

Symptoms & Diagnosis

An Inguinal Hernia is a gap in the strong tissue in the abdomen which holds the stomach muscles. It occurs in the abdominal muscles and weakens them which cause a bulge in the stomach.  Hernia causes discomfort and pain in the stomach.  Both men and women can get inguinal hernia.


It can cause a severe pain in abdomen especially in pelvis region. The later symptoms also result in swelling and severe pain in the testicles or groin area. Apart from that the patients who are suffering from inguinal hernia have a problem in walking straight and straining the abdominal muscles by lifting up some things.


The diagnosis of this type of hernia is physical examination as the doctor can see and feel the bulge.  For further diagnosis other tests like ultrasound and CT scan is also done.

Treatment and Recovery:

The surgery of inguinal hernia is done with laparoscopic approach with the help of instrument called laparoscope. Small incisions are made in the abdomen to insert the laparoscope and treat the hernia. This technique is also known as keyhole surgery. Patient takes about 1 to 2 weeks to get properly recover after the surgery. They have to wait atleast for 4 weeks to start exercising after the operation.


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