Fig. Umbilical hernia In abdomen

Symptoms & Diagnosis

Umbilical hernia is a bulge form in abdomen. In children, it is healed on its own but if this disease occurs in adults then a surgery is needed. The surgery of Umbilical hernia is done by laparoscopic surgery and is less risky.


Umbilical hernia is called so because these types of hernia are present near the umbilicus area or the naval area of the abdomen. When occurred in children of around 2 to 3 years, it can be seen that it heals on their own.

The common symptom of this type of hernia is discomfort and severe pain. Patient suffering from umbilical hernia have severe pain and have a bulge in near the naval area. They have difficulty in lifting things.


Physical examination is done. The doctor will see if the hernia can be reduced. Further diagnosis is done with the help of X-ray and ultrasound.

Treatment and Recovery:

Surgeon does an incision at the naval area of the abdomen where the bulge is present. They push the tissue back inside the stomach wall. Time taken for surgery is approximately an hour. The recovery is fast as the approach used here is laparoscopic approach.


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