Fig. Pancreatic Duct Stones

Symptoms & Diagnosis

Pancreatic duct stones are formed due to the calcium deposit in the pancreas which blocks the flow of digestive enzymes from pancreas to the small intestine. Pancreatic duct stones vary in its sizes. They may be small as a sand grain or like actual big stone. There can be a single big stone or many small stones in pancreatic duct.

Some of the common reasons why people get stones are increased in cholesterol level, obesity, change in lifestyle, diabetes, liver disease, age factor, genetics, over usage of medications and birth control pills, dieting or people who change their diet extremely in order to loose their weights quickly.


Common symptoms of pancreatic duct stones includes

  1. Severe pain in abdomen especially on the upper side of the abdomen.
  2. Back pain at the same opposite spot of the abdomen pain
  3. Indigestion
  4. Unexplained weight loss
  5. Nausea and vomiting are other common symptoms


An ultrasound and sonography  is done to detect the pancreatic duct stones.

Treatment and Recovery:

Pancreatic duct stones are removed through endoscopic surgery called ERCP. Another method to remove the stones is through major surgery where part of the pancreas is removed in order to divert the flow of the digestive enzymes clearing the blockage.


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