Fig. Spleen

Symptoms & Diagnosis

Splenectomy is a surgery to remove a spleen. A spleen is an organ that is present in the rib cage on the upper left side of the abdomen.


If the spleen is ruptured then this symptoms will be observed such as pain in the upper left abdomen, tenderness when you touch the upper left abdomen, left shoulder pain, dizziness and light-headedness.

If the spleen is enlarged, there are no symptoms seen in some cases. In other cases the symptoms may include pain in the whole abdomen and specifically in the upper left abdomen, Feeling full while eating, anemia, frequent infection, easy bleeding and fatigue.

If there is a cyst in spleen then the symptoms such as vomiting, nausea and diarrhea can be seen.


CT scan, MRI scan and ultrasound is done to examine the condition of the spleen. A physical examination is done to know if the spleen is enlarged.

Treatment and Recovery:

During the surgery, incision is made in the middle of the abdomen and the muscles and tissues around the spleen are moved aside to reveal the spleen. The spleen is then removed and the incision is closed.

After the surgery patients are suggested not to take the extra supplements or medication for some days. The recovery is fast as the patient can get discharge within two to six days of the surgery.


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